Stretch Forming Overview

Stretch Forming is a manufacturing process in which sheet, extrusions, or formed profiles are wrapped around dies to make parts into simple or complex contoured curves. The process always involves stretching, bending, or both actions. The Cyril Bath Company has been a leader in the development and refinement of the stretch forming process for well over 50 years.

Cyril Bath has developed and built its own software platform for today’s complex CNC Control Systems, specifically for stretch forming presses. In the most complex press designs, 36 axes of motions are controlled very precisely with the Cyril Bath control system.

The aerospace industry utilizes these very accurate and repeatable stretch forming presses to manufacture very important fuselage skins for commercial and business aircraft, as well as the curved profiles that comprise the aircraft’s sub-structure or frame. The following pages in our Website will describe further details of these custom stretch forming presses.  Cyril Bath can create value for your company by providing innovative metal forming equipment that produce excellent quality parts, using sophisticated technology.


Video Presentation

Watch a 3d Video animation of a
Cyril Bath Sheet Stretch Forming Press
in Action!