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Custom Designed Stretch Forming Presses

The Cyril Bath Company is part of an international corporation focused on providing innovative metal forming and joining solutions to the aerospace industry.  The base of our technologies is stretch forming of aluminum alloy sheet for fuselage skins, as well as aluminum and titanium profiles for airframe sub-structure components.  Our stretch presses are equipped with the latest CNC control systems, designed and developed by our in-house electrical engineers.  Our stretch forming customers include the leaders in commercial and business aircraft manufacturing, in addition to their complete supply chain network.

Complementing the design and build of stretch forming equipment, the Cyril Bath Company offers excellent after-market support services. We supply replacement spare parts and retrofitting of existing presses.  Current control systems with up to date computer hardware and software can be installed on existing, older stretch press systems.  In addition, we can retrofit hydraulic and/or mechanical components, as required.

Titanium Hot Stretch Forming - HSF

Cyril Bath has developed a very innovative Hot Stretch Forming process to contour titanium profiles for airframe component applications.  The high temperature forming process precisely stretch forms titanium extrusions or rolled shapes to the exact part design contour.  The hot stretch formed part is then machined and finished into a critical airframe component.  This valuable forming process saves starting titanium weight by offering a near net profile solution; contoured in a controlled, repeatable process, with minimal residual stress.


Cyril Bath also designs and builds Elastoforming hydraulic presses with in-house developed control systems that allow for precise part making of challenging aerospace metal components.  Elastoforming is a high pressure forming process utilizing elastomer pads and single dies to make aluminum and steel parts with deep draw contours.

Superplastic Forming - SPF

Superplastic Forming uses argon gas pressure, within a precisely controlled gas management system to form complex titanium and aluminum parts.  The forming process occurs at high temperatures, enabling difficult forming to be accomplished that is not possible by other forming methods.  Cyril Bath designs and builds these special hot forming presses to specific customer needs.

Linear Friction Welding

Finally, Cyril Bath's corporate enterprise includes the company ACB in Nantes, France.  There, we are becoming the world's leader in the design and build of Linear Friction Welding machines used to manufacture bladed disks for turbine engines.  The bladed disk, sometimes referred to as a "Blisk" or IBR, is made by joining a titanium blade to a titanium rotating disk using the highly technical and precise process of Linear Friction Welding.  The joining result is atomic diffusion and of the highest quality.  LFW can save material cost compared to machining a complex forging.  In addition to these turbine engine applications, there is on-going development in the aerospace community to use LFW to produce titanium airframe components.  Our engineers are working in support of this demand, and have developed key process parameters to efficiently produce these airframe components using special LFW machines.




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