The superplastic forming (SPF) process has emerged as a reliable method of manufacturing in the aerospace industry.
This technology is used for the production of complex aircraft parts. During SPF cycles, materials such as titanium and aluminum are heated to their superplastic state. At the superplastic state, the elongation ratio is incredibly high, resulting in a high formability. To reach this state, temperature and strain rate must be controlled precisely by ACB’s highly specialized software, OPSYS.

Diffusion Bonding (SPF-DB)

The diffusion bonding process is used to manufacture complex hollow parts. Diffusion bonding between several sheets occurs at the same temperature and pressure conditions as superplastic forming (SPF) and results in a nearly perfect joining of the sheets. The application of an anti-bonding agent in strategic areas determines where the sheets will resist bonding, creating a pattern of pockets. The introduction of noble gas will inflate the part to its final shape, the pockets creating an internal structure with increased rigidity.


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